My life as an artist

I've done many things in my life, but art was always my companion !



as a musician

I started music when I was 10. Besides Violin Alto and Clarinet, Piano was my main instrument and is still now.

I sang in a choir, played on the organ in our church, played electric piano on a Hohner strings keyboard in a symphonic rock band, played in 2 ball orchestras  on a Fender Rhodes piano. Directed during 12 years a small choir that became a concert choir. Played again on a Roland D50 in a Pop orchestra with self made songs,  wrote a few compositions and was a piano teacher during 20 years.

as a painter

drawing and painting started as soon as I could hold a pen and a brush. It was just a free time occupation. When being a teenager I followed some art academy but did not really learn new things. Everything was exploration with new materials and is still now. 


Michel Dikovec was born on july 7, 1957 in Leut, Belgium.

He started taking music lessons at the Maasmechelen Music Academy when he was 10 years old. He decided to do his superior studies in music and at the age of 18 he entered the Royal Music Conservatoire of Brussels.

To support himself financially, he gave private lessons, played in a ball orchestra and took several 'student jobs'.

In meanwhile he followed piano courses with Myriam Schroyens, orchestral direction with R. Zolmann, and choir direction with J. Wilmots. He also followed courses in Tone Technique, Written Harmony, Pedagogy and Music History.

Finally the reality in life forced him to make a career in the commercial sector.

The desire to create his own music dates from when he was 15. While liking pop and jazz music, he was searching for his own sound.

He played and performed with dance bands, rock orchestra's with self-composed music, and also gave some piano recitals with his music and classical composers.

As a conductor he conducts during 10 years the "Atout Choeur" choir of Brussels and is 1 year guest conductor of La Vallée from Linkebeek.

Atout Choeur started as a little church ensemble and became a concert choir, with a full orchestral accompaniment.

With them he performed the Gloria of Vivaldi, Te Deum of M.R. Delalande, Stabat Mater of Haydn, Messa di Gloria of Puccini, Oratorio de Noël of Saint-Saëns and Messe Solennelle de Sainte-Cécile of Charles Gounod.

Today he is actually a piano teacher and teaches the method ofJosé Iturbi.

As a Composer he continues composing music for pleasure. He has written several works for piano and chamber music. He belongs to the group of composers who are being named the 'consonant composers'.

Drawing and Painting

Despite the passion for the use of the pencil and brush, visual art remained a leisure activity. 

In order to find more time to further develop this discipline, Michel enrolled in an art academy during his secondary school and later in life, but he did not learn much there and the subjects were often not interesting to him.

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the expression of painting. Michel has no specific style. Too many subjects from realism to abstract draw his attention. He also likes to discover the techniques of the old masters by copying their works.


My Artwork

Copies of Existing Art

Pencil - Drawings

Between 1970 and 1990